Why Inflatable Kayaks Are a Great Buy


Why Inflatable Kayaks Are a Great Buy

In the last few years, manufacturers of inflatable kayaks have made extensive use of technology and scientific advancements to achieve stability, strength and durability. It is due to this reason that inflatable kayaks are now being considered as serious alternates to expensive and rigid kayaks. These kayaks cannot be maneuvered like expensive and high quality rigid kayaks but they are great for most people looking to enjoy kayaking as a pastime. Read on to learn about some common benefits of inflatable kayaks available in the market nowadays:

Easy transport and little or no storage problems: Transporting these kayaks is not a problem like standard rigid kayaks. These kayaks require very less space. You can store them in a tiny space and therefore, transporting them from one place to another is very easy. Rigid kayaks have to be tied down to the roof carrier of a vehicle and inflatable kayaks can be accommodated in a box.

Blow up kayaks are stronger than you had imagined: Several manufactures are now offering sturdy and hard inflatable kayaks. These kayaks are made from advanced lightweight materials that can stand the test of strength in water. Generally, they are made from durable and strong materials such as Nitrylon, PVC and Hyplon. Most blow-up kayaks have a multi-layer design to achieve highest possible sturdiness. Seams of blow-up kayaks are usually joined by high quality glue or welding.

Using blow-up kayaks is very easy: These kayaks don’t come in just one size and shape. Even if you have had little or no kayaking experience in the past, using blow-up kayaks won’t be difficult at all. Setting up and using these kayaks is easy.

Blow-up kayaks are safe: You don’t need to worry about an your kayak sinking down in the water due to a hole. These kayaks have multiple air chambers inside them. Therefore, even if one of the air chambers develops a hole or puncture, a blow-up kayak won’t sink in water.  

Repair kits are provided: Unless you are buying extremely cheap and low quality kayaks, you’ll get a complementary repair kit at the time or purchase. These repair kits can be used to fix small tears in a kayak. Bigger tears can be fixed by a specialist. Several manufactures also provide repair services through their dealers. Make sure you go through the warranty document carefully before purchasing a blow-up kayak. An extended warranty period that includes free or low price repair service is always an added plus.

Inflatable kayaks are quite stable: Multiple air chambers of a blow-up kayak lead to extra stability in water. Also, these kayaks have flat underside that provide additional stability.  

It is a good idea to buy a kayak according to your specific needs. For example, if you intend to go kayaking in a local river full of boulders and other challengers, your inflatable kayak should be able to withstand these obstacles. You shouldn’t really buy the idea that an inflatable kayak can be suitable for every environment.  
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