Sea Eagle 385 Frameless Pontoon Boat Review


The Sea Eagle 385 Frameless Pontoon Boat


Boating has always been one of the many activities that people turn to in order to relieve stress, and keep the body and mind relaxed. Traditional boats are built with a hard shell but there are those that are built like any other inflatable boats today.

 With its innovative design, the Sea Eagle 385 Frameless Pontoon boat automatically climbs up among the top inflatable boats sold in the market today. Built to be a faster, sleeker and incredibly stable, it is very ideal for exploring lakes, whitewaters and oceans. The large removable skew in the stern combined with the outside drop stitch high pressure keel at bow, allows the boat to glide faster on top of the water without requiring too much effort by creating less yaw while staying on a straight course. This is very good for anglers who love to go the distance.

 Anglers who are used to the hard shell boats might turn away from the idea of using an inflatable boat because they fear that the material used to build these inflatable boats might not be strong enough to resist abrasion or getting punctured. That might be the case with other inflatable boats however; the material that is used to build the Sea Eagle 385 Frameless Pontoon Boat is ridiculously strong. Built with 1000 Denier Reinforced, the boat itself can be pounded by the claw end of a regular hammer and not get punctured at all. It is also built to be sun and saltwater resistant. Impressively, this boat has a very tough drop stitch floor and it can be even paddled while the angler is standing up.

 The Sea Eagle 385 Frameless Pontoon Boat is also a very portable water craft. It can be assembled and inflated in 7 minutes making this boat one of the quickest to get set up – one advantage that these inflatable boats have over traditional hard shell boats. It can fit in a car trunk when deflated and can be taken almost anywhere giving anglers more options when picking their spots. Anglers would no longer exert too much effort in carrying their boats for a period of time before reaching a spot.

 The Sea Eagle 385 Frameless Pontoon Boat makes an excellent choice for experienced anglers and those who are just starting to get the hang of fishing. It redefines the experience of boating and takes it to the next level, thanks to its innovative design. CLICK HERE


Frameless Pontoon Boat

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