How to Get Started in Kayaking


How to Get Started in Kayaking with the SeaEagle Two-Person Inflatable Touring Kayak

Kayaking has been a mainstay pastime for many adventurers, and the chance to duke it out with the power of the white water rapids can give someone that physical rush unmatched by most other sports. And in the world of kayaking, inflatable kayaks are a god send. They are perfect for any outdoorsman who does not have the storage space for the traditional hardshell kayaks. It is just as stable and safe, and is light to boot. It combines the durability of traditional kayaks with the portable nature of an inflatable. Even coast guards use the inflatable kayaks on rescue missions, as well as several military agencies.

What’s great about these kayaks is that aside from their relative durability, they are also much cheaper than traditional kayaks. Whereas the hardshells will usually cost around a few thousand dollars, the inflatable variety will only cost at a fraction of that price—even going as low as 249 dollars in some cases without sacrificing quality and safety features.

Among the myriad available inflatable kayaks available at the market, the SeaEagle Two-Person Inflatable Touring Kayak with Paddles stands out from the crowd. The SeaEagle Inflatable Kayak is a two-person open top model that’s 11 feet long and 34 inches wide—giving both paddlers plenty of room. Inflatable back rests are built in for added comfort, stability and leverage, as well as a cargo net for miscellaneous gear storage. Two aluminum AB30 paddles are included in the package, and are easy to grip as they are durable.

It is completely constructed of 38 mil PolyKrylor, which gives the kayak its durability and toughness. The SeaEagle Inflatable Kayak is NMMA certified attesting to its high standards of construction and comes with a one year warrantee.

Many users that have tried the SeaEagle Inflatable Kayak report satisfaction with the product, stating that it works just as advertised: it paddles well, has good slipstream form function that helps in navigating the torrents, and inflates quite fast and is a breeze to deflate and store. Some users report that they are able to inflate the whole kayak with a hand pump in less than 5 minutes.

The unit is able to carry 2 people 360 lbs very easily with no imbalance issues. It is wonderful for exercising and to watch the view as you go paddling along the scenic route.

There are issues with the drains though, as the kayak doesn’t have any, so some users caution that getting wet will be inevitable. There are also design issues in the clips that store the paddle, and they could get in the way of paddling sometimes. Being that this is an inflatable kayak, cigarettes and fishing nets might be a potential hazard, so steer clear of them whenever you can. All in all, as inflatable kayaks go, the SeaEagle Two-Person Inflatable Touring Kayak will give you a great time with your kayaking activities, whether you’re doing it alone or with the family.


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