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Inflatable boats for fishing, family fun, exploring and you can mount large outboard motors with boats that hold up to 7 adults. Motor mount and pontoon boats offer affordable options for the serious fisherman. These boats are portable and stable enough to stand in if you prefer.

Inflatable kayaks are great for kayaking quiet streams or fast whitewater rapids if you dare! These light inflatable kayaks are a breeze to transport and setup. These kayaks are great for weekend getaways thanks to their great portability and easy setup. The Explorer kayaks can handle up to class 4 rapids!

Inflatable Sailcats just like a catamaran can hold up to 4 adults for fun sailing. These Sailcats are great for learning to sail whether you’re a child or adult sailing for the first time or just looking for a simple sail boat for pleasure.

Kayaking For The Family

Remember “safety first” – Make sure your kids are wearing safe well fitting lifevests. Place your kids in front of you in the kayak so you can always watch them.
Learn Basic Paddling techniques and how to get safely in and out of your kayak. Learn how to turn over a capsized kayak and pump it out. Check out our page on kayaking basic.

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Inflatable kayaks and boats are easy to use because they’re light and portable; so easy to carry!

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